Nathan Fleming

 Nathan grew up around Baltimore, Maryland and first became fascinated with the steel guitar while in college. “If I’d known I was going to be doing this for a living, I’d have started much sooner!” he says.

He quickly gravitated toward the Texas style of country music and steel guitar playing, citing Dicky Overbey as his biggest influence. He moved to Austin, Texas in 2005 “to learn from the best players in the world.” Since then he has become one of the busier steel guitarists in the area, playing on numerous recordings and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Nathan currently works with Bobby Flores and Johnny Bush, among others in the Texas dance hall scene. He considers himself a lifelong student, and enjoys teaching for this reason. “I think the most important thing one needs in order to improve is the ‘beginner’s mind’; to be constantly open to learning without dwelling on what one has learned or accomplished. I try to maintain that mindset as a student, and I try to instill it in my students.” He is always glad to hear from fellow students and can be reached at