Hailey Sandoz

Texas-bred musician, following a less trodden path among millennials. Her music is rooted in Western Swing, Cowboy, Bluegrass, Jazz and Celtic influences. This remarkable young performer captures the attention of audiences young and old through her dynamic performance and presentation of "the official music of Texas." Known for her exciting fiddling, charming personality, jazzy vocals, creative composing and arranging skills, there's not much this 18 year old can't do. Western Swing is her most fun wheelhouse, but her multi-genre versatility is also being recognized in Country, Bluegrass and Jazz. Making her way around the world, Hailey has performed internationally at the Equiblues Festival in France and all around America as a solo artist and with various artists. Hailey has been awarded for her achievements by earing the titles: 2017 Western Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year, 2016 Academy of Western Artist Young Artist of the Year, 2015 Western Music Association Crescendo Rising Star, 2015 WMA Youth Harmony winner and numerous Celtic fiddling awards.