Dennis Kubos

"Giving thanks to my Mom and Dad for influencing me to play music, I started playing drums at about the age of 11 years old . I played drums through my junior high and high school years at Klein schools, just north of Houston, Texas.

In my high school years, my brother Harlan and I started playing the bars and clubs around Spring, TX. Being under age for a few years, my Dad would accompany into the bars just so I could play. This was in the late '60s and early '70s. I would like to thank a dear friend and great guitarist, Joe Bowers, for taking a chance on us and teaching us the music we play today. Harlan and I made as much as $8.00 a night. We were on to stardom!

Through the years, my brothers Harlan and Harris (fiddle player) had 3 or 4 bands together. Eventually, we went our own ways.

In the early '80s, I had the pleasure of playing drums for Johnny Bush, my favorite country singer. He was, and still is, a "true" country singer. Johnny's album, "Bush Country", set the way for the style of drums I wanted to play and the music that I love. Seeing my friend, John "Smiley" Reynolds play drums for Johnny told me all I needed to know.

My many other favorites are Ray Price, Curtis Potter, Darrell McCall, Hank Thompson, and, of course, Bob Wills. Western Swing and the Honky Tonk 4/4 Shuffle is where it will always be for me. An occasional Czech polka or waltz won't hurt either.

So now, another dream has come true, being the drummer for Bobby Flores. Hearing 3 to 4 fiddles plus one of the best steel guitarists, folks, it doesn't get much better than that.

An exceptional person, Bobby is carrying on the Traditional Country and Western Swing music that I love. He is a pleasure to work for and a fine band to be a part of. I would like to invite you to take in a show or dance, and please stop by and say hello." - Dennis